International Cooperation, Resource Sharing, Complementary Advantages, Mutual Benefit
13Countries and Regions

Union Members

  • Myung Won Cultural Foundation (Korea)
  • Vietnam Tea Association-Center for Tea Market Development and Reserarch
  • Malaysia Tea Association (MyTA)
  • Tea and Chinese Culture Appreciation Society of Thailand
  • Italy Tea & Infusions Association(ITA.Tea)
  • International Slow Tea Association
  • Tea Industry Committee of China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural
  • Taiwan Tea Association of China
  • Tea Research Association(India )
  • Tea Research Institute of Kenya Agricultural&Livestock Research Organization
  • Pakistan Tea Association
  • Australian Tea Masters Association
  • German Tea Council
  • National Tea and Coffee Development Board of Nepal
  • Danish Tea Association
  • Sri Lanka Tea Board

Union Leaders

  • Chairman: Zhai Hu Qu
  • The Representative of the 16th and 17th National Congress of the Communisty Party of China, the Alter…
  • Vice Chairman: Zhou Qi Jiang
  • Senior Agro-technician, the Former Deputy Director of Foreign Economic Cooperation Center of Ministr…
  • Vice Chairman: Jagjeet Singh Kandal
  • the Chairman of Tea Research Association of India, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer …
  • Vice Chairman: Samson Machohi Kamunya
  • Dr.Samson M.Kamunya is the Center/Deputy Director, Kenya Agricultural &Livestock Research Organizat…
  • Vice Chairman: Maximilian Wittig
  • Mr. Maximilian Wittig is a State Certified Food Chemist. Since January 2018 he serves as Managing Dir…
  • Secretary-General: Wei You
  • He was engaged in tea-related work since 2009, sereved as the Secretary General of Tea Industry Comm…

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