ASEAN Tea Organisation (ATO) Virtual Tea Tourism Series 6.0-Tea & Tourism in Malaysia: Cultural Richness

ASEAN Tea Organisation (ATO) Virtual Tea Tourism Series 6.0-Tea & Tourism in Malaysia: Cultural Richness will be held in 5PM of Malaysia time on January 21st of 2021, which is organized by ASEAN Tea Organization, presented by Malaysia Tea Association, supported by Indonesia Tea Association,  Vietnam Tea Association, Tea and Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society of Thailand, Singapore Tea Importers and Exporters Association. The speaker of the event is Mr. Wong Yee Chen, the Honorary Secretary of ATO, Chairman of My TA's ATO Sub-committee. The Meeting Link is

Today, there are two main tea growing regions in Malaysia. Cameron Highlands in Pahang and Sabah’s Ranau. West Malaysia’s tea drinking culture has its origins in the British colonial days. Tea was and still plays a huge role in British culture. The colonialists found it expensive and time-consuming to import it in the amounts they wanted from India. So, in 1929, a British businessman began cultivation in the Cameron Highlands, which became the most important tea region in Malaysia producing BOH and Cameron Valley. BOH is the biggest tea producer in Malaysia. On average, their plantations harvest more than 4000 tons annually making up to 70% of the country’s tea.


Cameron Highlands is one of the main tourist areas in West Malaysia that’s about three hours from Kuala Lumpur. Tourists can either join a tour, rent a car and self-drive or take the bus from Kuala Lumpur. If you want to drive, you’ll find highways leading to Pahang but steep and narrow mountain routes to reach the highlands. Tanah Rata, the main town in Cameron Highlands, is the most popular place to stay. You can find budget hotels, homestays, guesthouses and luxurious five-star retreats in and around the region. The higher-end ones are a few kilometres from the town. Both BOH Tea Plantation and Cameron Valley are within 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) of each other. You can visit both on the same day. Either join a tour in Cameron Highlands or hire a taxi from Tanah Rata.


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